Brother P-Touch 1080 Label Printer

Labels are powerful

What does yours say?

Knowing exactly what’s what, that’s the power of Brother labelling machines. In your workplace, for the kids at school – even at home – everything is crystal clear. And when they’ve been tested to cope with water, sunshine, heat, cold, chemicals and abrasion, you know they’ll stick around for good.

Doodle Doodle Doodle Doodle Doodle
was 'ere
Pencil tin with name label

Model Student

A* effort

Protractors to atlases, pencil tins to text books – classmates have so many identical belongings. Make sure your child doesn’t lose track of things.

Consummate Professional

Runs a tight ship

Put the organisation in your organisation. Labelling can help with filing, post, practical instructions – you name it. And with eight different tape widths, it’s practically made to measure.

Brother's Mix
Brother's Jam
Brother's Jam
Brother's Jam
Brother's Jam
Brother's Jam

The Creative Type

Shows imagination

Not all labels are so utilitarian. Take your pick from 12 Deco Mode patterns and apply some style.

Football shirt with label
Brother Printers

Team Player

On the ball

No more fuss with a needle and thread. Print iron on fabric labels perfect for school uniforms and P.E. kits.

Safe Pair of Hands

Always in control

Use the time and date function to record safety checks on equipment labels – and, of course, minimise crossed wires.

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